ASDF 3.3.5 Release Candidate

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Written on 2021-06-04 10:55:00

ASDF has been tagged. This is a release candidate for 3.3.5. As the announcement says, please give it a spin on your setup and report any regressions. Bugs can be reported to the Gitlab issue tracker (preferred) or to the asdf-devel mailing list.


The full(ish) Changelog can be found here.

In addition to assorted bug fixes, there are several new features. Both user facing:

  • Support for package local nicknames in uiop:define-package.
  • SBCL should now be able to find function definitions nested in the with-upgradability macro.
  • package-inferred-system source files can use extensions other than .lisp.

And developer facing:

  • Building out a fairly extensive CI pipeline.


This is planned to be the last release in the 3.3 series. We are excited to get this out the door because we already have several focal points for the 3.4 series in mind, including:

  • Support for more expressive version strings and version constraints. issue draft MR.
  • A new package defining form that is explicitly designed to better tie in with package-inferred-system. issue draft MR.

Please join in the conversation if any of these features excite you, you have features you'd like to see added, or you have bugs that need to be squashed.

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