CLPM 0.4.0-rc.1 Available

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Written on 2021-09-05 14:40:00

I have just tagged CLPM 0.4.0-rc.1 and posted the build artifacts at Assuming there are no show stoppers discovered, I plan to release v0.4.0 next weekend.

This release will bring quite the laundry list of bug fixes and enhancements, including the much awaited Mac M1 support. The complete list (at this point in time) is included below.

But first, I want to inform you that I plan on getting v0.5.0 out the door ASAP. And that 0.5 will likely include some breaking changes to clpmfiles. For more information, see this issue. The breaking change is necessary to fix issue 39 and will in general lead to CLPM being cleaner and faster.

Additionally, the two other big ticket features I plan to add are groups inside clpmfiles (e.g. you can have dependencies that are only installed for dev/testing purposes) and support for versioning ASDF/UIOP in bundles. The latter change is going to be difficult due to both ASDF being a dependency of clpm-client and the special relationship the UIOP and ASDF enjoy. However, I have most of a plan and think it will be feasible without placing too much of a burden on the end user.

I would have liked to include all of these changes in v0.4, but I've been sitting on v0.4 for a long time, have been telling enough people variants of "use the latest v0.4 alpha, it's good to go except M1 support!", and I told people to use v0.4 along with my demo paper (page 21) at ELS '21. So I'd feel pretty bad about breaking clpmfiles at the moment.

If you like CLPM, have feedback, or just want to chat about it, please join us on Matrix (preferred) or #clpm on

The current changelog entry for v0.4.0 is:

  • Changed layout of release tarballs.
  • Published tarballs now contain a static executable (#11).
  • No longer using the deploy library to build releases (#15 #11).
  • Updated build script to more easily build static or dynamic executables (#11).
  • Fixed bug in computing the source-registry.d file for the clpm client (#16)
  • Starting to build up a test suite (#3)
  • Added automated testing on Gitlab CI.
  • Added clpm-client:*activate-asdf-integration* to control default integration with ASDF upon context activation.
  • The default directories for CLPM cache, config, and data have changed on Windows. They are now %LOCALAPPDATA%\clpm\cache\, %LOCALAPPDATA%\clpm\config\, and %LOCALAPPDATA%\clpm\data\.
  • Added new config option (:grovel :lisp :command). This string is split via shlex into a list of arguments that can be used to start the child lisp process.
  • Deprecated (:grovel :lisp :path) in favor of (:grovel :lisp :command).
  • Added new value for (:grovel :lisp :implementation) - :custom. When :custom is used, no arguments are taken from the lisp-invocation library, the user must specify a command that completely starts the child lisp in a clean state.
  • Better support for using MSYS2's git on Windows.
  • Support for Mac M1 (#20).
  • Fixed bug causing groveling to take an inordinately long time for systems with :defsystem-depends-on or direct calls to asdf:load-system in their system definition files (!9).
  • Fixed bug causing unused git and asd directives to linger in clpmfile.lock (#32).
  • Add support for bare git repos in clpmfile (not from Github or Gitlab) (#22).
  • Add clpmfile :api-version "0.4". Remains backwards compatible with 0.3. (#22).
  • Fix bug saving project metadata on Windows.
  • Fix client's UIOP dependency to better suit ECL's bundled fork of ASDF.
  • Fix issue READing strings in client from a lisp that is not SBCL (#13).
  • Parse inherited CL_SOURCE_REGISTRY config in client using ASDF (#14).
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